Chapter 4. Connecting the User Directory

In this chapter, you connect Oracle VDI to a user directory. Oracle VDI can use the information held in Active Directory or an LDAP directory to authenticate users and assign desktops to them. Oracle VDI is designed to work with most popular user directories, but you might have to tune the LDAP configuration for your particular directory. The Oracle VDI Administrator's Guide has details of the supported user directories and the recommended tuning.

If you are using Active Directory, you can connect to the directory using either the LDAP protocol or the Kerberos protocol. This guide focuses on the LDAP protocol because it is simpler to configure and the configuration is the same for both Active Directory and other directory types. However, if you have a complex Active Directory structure containing forests, or you want to be able handle operations such as password expiry, then the Kerberos protocol is a better choice.

In Oracle VDI, a user directory is represented as a company. So you need to configure a company and then test that your configuration works.