4.1. Creating a Company

In Oracle VDI Manager, select Settings in the navigation tree on the left, and then select Company. The All Companies page is displayed, as shown in Figure 4.1.

Figure 4.1. All Companies Page

The image shows the All Companies page in Oracle VDI Manager. The Companies table in the image is empty because no companies have been configured.

In the Companies table, click the New button. The New Company wizard is displayed in a new window. Click the Next button to move though the various steps of the wizard. On the Choose User Directory step, select LDAP, as shown in Figure 4.2.

Figure 4.2. Choose User Directory Step

The image shows the Choose User Directory step. The step contains options for Active Directory, LDAP and None. The LDAP option is selected.

On the Specify Connection step, select a Security Level and enter the required authentication details as follows:

Most corporate user directories are configured for secure authentication, which uses SSL for encryption, and requires a user name and password. Simple authentication requires just a user name and password. Anonymous authentication requires no credentials.

Figure 4.3 shows a completed example for secure authentication.

Figure 4.3. Specify Connection Step

The image shows the Specify Connection step. The secure authentication option is selected, and the DNS name of the LDAP directory and the user credentials have been entered.

Click Next. If you selected secure authentication as the security level, the Verify Certificate step is displayed. Check that the directory's SSL certificate details are correct and click Next. On the Define Company step, enter the name of your company and the company's email domain name(s) in the Name and E-Mail Domain Name fields. Figure 4.4 shows a completed example.

Figure 4.4. Define Company Step

The image shows the Define Company step. The name of the company and the company email domain have been entered.

On the Review step, check your configuration and then click Finish to create the company. The wizard is closed, a message is displayed on the All Companies page to confirm that the company has been created, and the new company is now listed in the Companies table, as shown in Figure 4.5.

Figure 4.5. Company Added

The image shows the All Companies page. A message says the company has been created and the new company is listed in the Companies table.

The All Companies page provides you with a summary of the company, and most importantly, reports the status of the connection to the user directory. You can change the company configuration at any time. In the Companies table, click the company name in the Name column and then select the LDAP tab, see Figure 4.6.

Figure 4.6. Company LDAP Settings Tab

The image shows the LDAP tab for a company. The configured LDAP servers are listed in a table, and there is an Edit LDAP Configuration link.

On this tab, you can change your LDAP configuration, for example by changing the security level or adding more LDAP servers for failover purposes. To access the settings for tuning your LDAP configuration, click Edit LDAP Configuration.