6.2. Importing an Existing Virtual Machine into VirtualBox

If you use another virtualization platform and have an export of an existing virtual machine in Open Virtualization Format (OVF or OVA), you can import the virtual machine into VirtualBox and use this to prepare the desktop template. To import a virtual machine, you need to start VirtualBox. On the host where you installed Oracle VDI and VirtualBox, on the desktop select the Applications menu, then the System Tools menu, and then Oracle VM VirtualBox. Alternatively, you can run the VirtualBox command in a terminal. The Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager is displayed, as shown in Figure 6.1.

Figure 6.1. Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager

The image shows Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager. No virtual machines have been defined.

In the File menu, select Import Appliance. The Appliance Import wizard is displayed in a new window, as shown in Figure 6.2

Figure 6.2. Appliance Import Wizard

The image shows the initial screen of the Import Appliance wizard.

Click Choose, browse to the location containing the *.ovf or *.ova file of the virtual machine you want to import, and click Open. The Appliance Import Settings step is displayed as shown in Figure 6.3

Figure 6.3. Appliance Import Settings

The image shows the Appliance Import Settings screen.

Make any adjustments you want to the displayed settings (you can also change the settings later) and click Import. The Appliance Import Wizard is closed and after a few moments, the imported virtual machine is listed in Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager.

After the import, select the imported virtual machine and in the toolbar click the Settings button. Review the virtual machine settings to make sure that the virtual machine has the hardware it needs to operate. Make sure that the virtual machine has a CD/DVD drive.

Once you have reviewed the settings, select the imported virtual machine and in the toolbar click the Start button. Verify that the virtual machine works.

Next, you need to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions, as described in Section 6.4, “Installing the VirtualBox Guest Additions”.