Chapter 6. Desktop Access

Table of Contents

6.1. About Desktop Access
6.2. Desktop Access Using Sun Ray Clients
6.2.1. About the Oracle VDI Sun Ray Kiosk Session
6.2.2. How to Modify the Bundled Sun Ray Kiosk Session
6.2.3. How to Access the Sun Ray Administration GUI
6.2.4. How to Change a User Password
6.2.5. How to Disable Client Authentication
6.2.6. How to Enable Desktop Screen Locking on Sun Ray Clients
6.2.7. Sun Ray Client User Access Scenarios
6.2.8. Multiple Monitor Capability
6.3. Desktop Access Using RDP Clients
6.3.1. Accessing Desktops With an RDP Client
6.3.2. About the Oracle VDI RDP Broker
6.4. Desktop Access Using Oracle Secure Global Desktop
6.5. Logging Out of Desktop Sessions