A.3. Parsing vda-center Command Output

The following vda-center commands have parsable output:

vda-center status

List the status of the hosts in an Oracle VDI Center.

Parsable Output: list of lines with the following values separated by a colon (':').


Data Format



Host Status

Up | Down | Failed | Unreachable | VDI services are disabled | VDI services are in maintenance mode | VDI services are partially up | VDI services are up | Unknown


VDI Database | VDI Database Replication | Remote Database | -

Service Status

Up | Down | Unknown | -

Followed by one empty line and one line with the number of hosts in the Oracle VDI Center.

vda-center agent-status

Parsable Output: one line with the length of time (in milliseconds) that the Oracle VDI Center Agent has been up, followed by one line with the fingerprint of the Oracle VDI Center Agent's certificate.