3.4. How to Create a Company

Most production environments keep user information stored in an Active Directory or LDAP server. Oracle VDI can be configured to recognize existing user directories. Multiple user directories can be configured for one Oracle VDI instance with the Company feature. For more information about the Company feature, refer to Section 3.3, “About Companies”.

Oracle VDI Manager Steps

  1. In the Oracle VDI Manager, go to SettingsCompany.

  2. In the Companies table, click New to activate the New Company wizard.

  3. Choose between Active Directory and LDAP user directory types. You can also choose 'none' if you only require token assignments.

    • If Active Directory type is chosen, some extra configuration on Oracle VDI hosts is required before setting up Kerberos or Public Key certificates on Oracle VDI.

    • LDAP type is more straightforward and may work with your Active Directory server depending on its configuration. LDAP integration offers three types of authentication: anonymous, simple, and secure.