B.2. Oracle VDI

Oracle VDI Configuration

On Linux platforms, cacaoadm is located at /opt/sun/cacao2/bin/cacaoadm.

  1. svc://application/rdpb-broker

    Create RDP Broker SMF service and Proxy SMF services (Oracle Solaris platforms only).

  2. Configure VDA web service:

    • Ports are configured (1800 / 1801)

    • webuser is set to noaccess on Oracle Solaris, and to daemon on Linux.

    • Remote access is enabled

  3. cacaoadm stop -f -i vda

    Stop CACAO.

  4. cacaoadm set-param java-flags=-Xms4M -Xmx256M -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote \
    -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 -i vda    

    Set Java and file-encoding flags.

  5. cacaoadm start -i vda

    Start CACAO.

  6. cacaoadm enable -i vda

    Set CACAO to start at boot.

System Preparation

On Windows XP virtual machines:

sysprep.exe -mini -reseal -activated -quiet

On Windows Vista and Windows 7 virtual machines:

sysprep.exe -generalize -oobe -shutdown -quiet