Oracle® Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Release Notes for Release 3.4.1

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September 2012

Table of Contents

1. New Features and Changes
1.1. New Features in Release 3.4.1
1.2. Changes in Release 3.4.1
1.3. New Features in Release 3.4
1.4. Changes in Release 3.4
1.5. About the Oracle VDI Software
1.6. Bugs Fixed in Release 3.4.1
2. Known Issues
2.1. System Hangs When Installing VirtualBox on Oracle Solaris Platforms (Sun Bug ID 7116094)
2.2. Templates Cannot be Imported for Hyper-V Desktop Providers on Oracle Linux Platforms (Bug ID 12307034)
2.3. "Console Already in Use" Warning Does Not Display When Expected (Bug ID 12364760)
2.4. Virtualization Hosts Crash if a Storage is Shut Down (Bug ID 13557337)
2.5. Strange Bash Prompt Breaks SSH Connections (Bug ID 13572569)
2.6. Storage Host is Shown as Unresponsive During Template Import (Bug ID 13639979)
2.7. Adding a Storage Fails if the VirtualBox User is Not Root (Bug ID 13681074)
2.8. The vb-install Script Does Not Check VMs for All Users (Bug ID 13732353)
2.9. Storages Larger Than 16TB Are Shown With a Capacity of Only 16TB (Bug ID 13824735)
2.10. uttsc Does Not Work with the RDP Broker with NLA Enabled (Bug ID 13924760)
2.11. Problems Adding a VirtualBox Host to a Desktop Provider While an Add Operation is in Progress (Bug ID 13944126)
2.12. Windows 7 Desktops Fail to Start on Oracle Linux Hosts That Use the Red Hat Kernel (Bug ID 13974640)
2.13. SGD Broker Connections Fail After Upgrading or Reconfiguring Oracle VDI (Bug ID 14026511)
2.14. Small-Capacity Storages Are Shown With a Reduced Capacity (Bug ID 14127765)
2.15. Sessions Disconnect Unexpectedly With Ubuntu 12.04 Desktops (Bug ID 14254390)
2.16. After Updating Oracle VDI, Users Cannot Connect to Their Windows Desktops (Bug ID 14272752)
3. Feedback and Support
3.1. Providing Feedback and Reporting Problems
3.2. Contacting Oracle Specialist Support
3.3. Support Bundles