2.12. Windows 7 Desktops Fail to Start on Oracle Linux Hosts That Use the Red Hat Kernel (Bug ID 13974640)

Windows 7 virtual machines require asynchronous I/O to operate correctly.

When Oracle Linux is used as the platform for Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization hosts, the iSCSI and Sun ZFS storage types are configured using Oracle Cluster File System version 2 (OCFS2). Due to a bug, OCFS2 does not support asynchronous I/O when used with the Red Hat kernel. The bug does not affect OCFS2 when using Oracle's Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.

As a result, in this release you must use the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel if you use Oracle Linux as the platform for your VirtualBox hosts. The Red Hat kernel is not supported.

This has the following consequences: