1.3. New Features in Release 3.4

Storage Enhancements on Oracle Linux Platforms

Support has been added for three new storage types for Oracle VM VirtualBox desktop providers on Oracle Linux platforms:

The existing storage types, OpenStorage and Solaris ZFS Storage, are still supported and are now referred to as Sun ZFS storage.

On Oracle Linux platforms, virtual disks are now cloned using the VirtualBox command line (linked cloning). On Oracle Solaris platforms, ZFS cloning is still used.

Due to the differences in the availability of the storage types and the way they are used, the virtualization hosts for an Oracle VM VirtualBox desktop provider must now use the same operating system. You can no longer mix Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux virtualization hosts.

See Storage for more information.

Automatic Desktop Resizing

When users hotdesk from one Sun Ray Client to another, desktop sessions are now automatically resized to the correct resolution.