45 Create Credit Reporting Tapes

This chapter contains the topic:

45.1 Creating Credit Reporting Tapes


From Accounts Receivable (G03), choose Credit/Collection Management

From Credit & Collection Management (G0315), choose Create Credit Reporting Tapes

From Credit Reporting Tapes (G03151), choose TRW, Dun & Bradstreet or CREDITEL

As part of managing credit information for your customers, you might need to send a magnetic tape of A/R information to an outside credit agency. To do so, you must create the credit reporting tape.

When you create a credit reporting tape, the system:

  • Reads information from the A/R Cash Management worktable (F0315)

  • Formats your customer's A/R information to conform to the standards of the specific credit agency

  • Writes the information to the tape

You might be required to send these tapes to one or more of the following credit agencies:

  • TRW

  • Dun & Bradstreet


These credit agencies, in turn, process the tape and establish credit rating information about your customers.

45.1.1 What Are the Requirements for Credit Reporting Tapes?

The following information describes the credit agency's requirements for credit reporting tapes.

Agency Requirements
TRW This credit agency requires that you:
  • Include all of your customers, regardless of their balances. You can set a processing option to include customers who have a zero balance. This ensures that the system includes those customers who pay on time or have no open amounts.

  • Specify an SIC (Standard Industry Code) for the company for which you are submitting a tape. Set up the SIC for the customer in the customer master record.

  • Enter the four-character business code that you obtain from TRW in the processing options.

  • Use a seven-character business code to describe the payment terms for the customer. To do this, set up a cross-reference between the three-character Payment Terms field on the user defined codes list (03/PT) and the TRW definition.

Dun & Bradstreet This credit accepts tapes that conform to the requirements of TRW.
CREDITEL This credit agency has no special requirements.

45.1.2 Before You Begin

  • Run the Update A/R from Address Book program (P03820).

  • Contact your credit reporting agency to obtain any necessary information.

  • Ensure that you have a tape drive available to create magnetic tapes.

  • Run the Credit Analysis Refresh program (P03525) to create the A/R Cash Management worktable. Alternatively, you can set a processing option in the Create Credit Reporting Tapes program to base your credit reporting information on a temporary cash management table. This lets you submit the tape program without running Credit Analysis Refresh.

  • Initialize your media tape to either 1600 or 6250 BPI with standard IBM tape labels.

To create a credit reporting tape

  1. Choose the menu selection for one of the following:

    • TRW - P039201

    • Dun & Bradstreet - P039201

    • CREDITEL - P0309201C

  2. Respond to the prompts that the system displays.

  3. Set the appropriate processing options.

45.1.3 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Submitting more than one version at the same time If you try to submit more than one version of the Create Credit Reporting Tapes program, the system displays an error message because each version accesses the Credit Tape worktable (F03902 or F03902C).
Creating credit tapes for multiple companies To create a credit tape for multiple companies, set up separate versions of the Create Credit Reporting Tapes program.