96 Customer Master Conversion

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96.1 Customer Master Conversion


From Accounts Receivable (G03), enter 27

From A/R Advanced & Technical (G0331), choose Customer Master Conversion

96.1.1 Overview

The Customer Master Conversion program will allow you to convert the Currency Code only, the Amount Currency only or both. Additionally, the program allows you to update the amount balances in the Customer Master file (F0301) based on the new Amount Currency.

96.1.2 Processing Options Detail

You may control what the Customer Master Conversion program updates using the processing options. If you want to update the various balance fields in the Customer Master file, set the Update Control processing option to 1.

If you choose to update the balances, you may designate a specific date to retrieve the exchange rate to be used for the conversion. The default will be the current date, i.e. the date you are running the conversion program.

You may choose to update only the Amount Currency field, only the Currency Code field, or both. The Amount Currency field (CRCA) is the currency in which balances are stored in the Customer Master file. The Currency Code field (CRCD) is the default transaction currency code for your customer.

There are a few fields in the Customer Master file that you can set rounding limits for when converting balances. Use the Rounding Factor processing option to determine if and how rounding will occur for these fields.

96.1.3 Conversion

Customer Master Conversion (P0301E) can update the following fields in the Customer Master file (F0301):

Field Data Item
Currency Code CRCD
Amount Currency CRCA
Credit Limit ACL
Amount Due AD
Prior Year Finance Charges AFCP
YTD Finance Charges AFCY
Invoiced This Year ASTY
Invoiced - Prior Year SPYE
High Balance AHB
Last Paid Amount ALP
Address Book Amount ABAM
Address Book Amount ABA1
Open Order Amount APRC
Minimum Order Value MINO
Maximum Order Value MAXO


If you are converting the Currency Code field (transaction currency code), keep in mind that the update will only occur in the Customer Master file (F0301) not the AR Ledger file (F0311), which store transaction detail records. This means that history in the ledger file for a Customer will have the original transaction currency code, and all transactions from the point of conversion forward will have the new currency code.

96.1.4 Processing Options

See Section 117.4, "Customer Master Conversion (P0301E)" for more information.