90 Forecast A/R Cash Flow

This chapter contains these topics:

90.1 Objectives

  • To summarize open invoices for cash forecasting purposes

90.2 About A/R Cash Forecasting

As part of your cash forecasting activities, you might want to review a summary of your open invoices.

When you run A/R cash forecasting, the system:

  1. Consolidates open invoices from the A/R Ledger table (F0311)

  2. Summarizes information by business unit, company, due date, and currency

  3. Deletes existing records in the Cash Summarization table (F0032) with the cash type you specify in a processing option

  4. Updates the Cash Summarization table with the new information

The following graphic illustrates the cash forecasting process.

Figure 90-1 Cash Forecasting Process

Description of Figure 90-1 follows
Description of ''Figure 90-1 Cash Forecasting Process''

90.3 A/R Cash Forecasting

To receive an accurate picture of your current cash position, forecast your A/R cash flow.

When you run A/R Cash Forecasting, the system creates the Cash Summarization table (F0032) that contains the following:

  • Total of all open invoices

  • Due dates of open invoices

  • Receipt amount required from customer


From Accounts Receivable (G03), enter 27

From A/R Advanced and Technical Operations (G0331), choose A/R Cash Forecasting

90.3.1 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Viewing the results of A/R cash forecasting You can use World Writer to view the information created when you run A/R Cash Forecasting. The information can also be downloaded to a standard spreadsheet program or used by custom programs for cash analysis.
Multi-Currency When using multiple currencies, invoices are summarized by both the domestic and foreign currencies. In the Cash Summarization table, the domestic currency code appears in the Currency Code field. The foreign currency code appears in the To Currency Code field. When you process domestic invoices, the foreign amount and currency code are the same as the domestic amount and currency code.

90.3.2 Processing Options

See Section 115.1, "A/R Cash Forecasting (P03520)" for more information.