4 Locate Customers

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4.1 Locating Customers


From Accounts Receivable (G03), choose Customer & Invoice Entry

From Customer & Invoice Entry (G0311), choose Name Search

When entering or locating accounts receivable information for a customer, you can locate its customer number by specifying:

  • Alpha name

  • Search type

  • Person or corporation designation

This information is stored in the Address Book Master table (F0101).

To locate a customer

On Name Search

Figure 4-1 Name Search screen

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Description of ''Figure 4-1 Name Search screen''

Complete any of the following fields to define and/or limit your search:

  • Alpha Name

  • Search Type

  • Person/Corporation

  • Business Unit

  • Category Code

  • Consolidation Code

  • State

  • Country

  • Postal Code

Field Explanation
Alpha Name The text that names or describes an address. This 40-character alphabetic field appears on a number of forms and reports. You can enter dashes, commas, and other special characters, but the system cannot search on them when you use this field to search for a name.
Search Type A user defined code (01/ST) that identifies the kind of address book record you want the system to select when you search for a name or message. For example:

E – Employees

X – Ex-employees

V – Suppliers

C – Customers

P – Prospects

M – Mail distribution lists

Form-specific information

Placing security on search types might restrict you from viewing certain records. When security is active, a code is required in this field.

Consolidation Code The Consolidation Code is a way to group associated Address Book numbers in order to report on group financial data.

4.1.1 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Column 2 Display Formats You can toggle through a set of alternative column 2 display formats on the Name Search screen by selecting the function to change column 2 format. (F5=Col 2 Fmt). Select the Column 2 Format function repeatedly to toggle through the following alternative information displayed in column 2:
  • Address Line 1

  • City

  • Phone Number

  • Address Book Number

  • Credit Message

4.1.2 Processing Options

See Section 101.2, "Name Search (P01200)"for more information.