47 Print Credit and Collections Reports

This chapter contains these topics:

You can print reports to help you review and manage credit and collection information for your customers.


From Accounts Receivable (G03), choose Credit/Collection Management

From Credit & Collection Management (G0315), choose a report

47.1 Printing the Open Credit/Collection Items Report

To review accounts that have not been reviewed or worked as of a specific date, print the Open Credit/Collection Items report (P03440). After you work a customer's account, it does not appear on this report until the next review date.

To see only those accounts that belong to a specific credit or collections manager, do one of the following:

  • Print the outstanding collections items version (XJDE0001)

  • Print the outstanding credit items version (XJDE0002)

Each version lists summarized information from the A/R Cash Management worktable (F0315).

47.1.1 Printing the Outstanding Collections Items Version

You can print this version to review a list of outstanding items for customers with past-due accounts.

Figure 47-1 Outstanding Collections Items Version report

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47.1.2 Printing the Outstanding Credit Items Version

You can print this version to review a list of outstanding credit items for parent accounts only. The system calculates all credit limits at the parent level and applies the child balances against the credit limit of the parent.

This version lists parent accounts that have not exceeded their credit limit, but have reached their credit review date.

Figure 47-2 Outstanding Credit Items report

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47.1.3 Processing Options

See Section 106.11, "Outstanding Credit/Collection Items (P03440)" for more information.

47.2 Printing the A/R Account Summary Report

To review summarized account information that includes the promises messages attached to each account, print the A/R Account Summary report (P03413).

This report lists information from the A/R Ledger table (F0311) and the Message Log Ledger table (F0113).

Figure 47-3 Open A/R Summary report

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47.2.1 Processing Options

See Section 106.12, "A/R Summary Report (P03413)" for more information.

47.3 Printing the Promises Listing Report

To review a list of both current and closed promises messages, print the Promises Listing report (P013151).

Figure 47-4 Promises Listing report

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47.3.1 Processing Options

See Section 106.13, "Print Promises, Promises (P013151)" for more information.

47.3.2 Data Selection for Promises Listing

Set the Message Type 1 field to P (promises). This separates promises from other messages, such as internal messages, which are attached to accounts that have not been worked.