54 Revise Drafts

This chapter contains these topics:

After a draft has been accepted, you can revise it, for example, to change the bank account from which it will be paid.


From Customer & Invoice Entry (G0311), choose Other Invoice Entry Methods

From Other Invoice & Receipts Entry Methods (G03111), choose Daily Draft Operations

From A/R Drafts Daily Operations (G031111), choose an option under the Accepted Drafts heading

54.1 Locating Drafts

You can locate a draft to:

  • View draft information based on specific criteria

  • Verify information for a particular customer

  • Change draft information

To locate drafts

On Draft Inquiry

Figure 54-1 Draft Inquiry screen

Description of Figure 54-1 follows
Description of ''Figure 54-1 Draft Inquiry screen''

  1. Complete the following field:

    • Address Number

  2. Complete any of the following fields to limit your search:

    • Payment Instrument

    • Net Due Date

    • Status

    • Paid

Field Explanation
Status A user defined code (00/PS) that indicates the current payment status for a voucher or an invoice. Codes are:

P – Paid. The voucher or invoice is paid in full.

A – Approved for payment, but not yet paid. This applies to vouchers and automatic cash applications.

H – Hold pending approval.

R – Retainage.

% – Withholding applies.

? – Other codes. All other codes indicate reasons that payment is being withheld. The Accounts Payable system does not print payments for any other code.

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54.2 Changing Draft Information

After you enter drafts but before you post them to the general ledger, you can change the pay status, customer bank account, payor, net due date, or payment instrument.

The following guidelines apply to changing draft information:

  • You can only change drafts with a pay status of D (draft accepted) or H (hold, pending approval).

  • You can change the pay status to D or H only.

  • You cannot add or delete drafts.

  • You cannot change:

    • Draft number

    • Document company

    • Gross amount

    • Customer number

    • Creation date

    • Register number/date

    • G/L bank account

To change draft information

On Draft Revisions

Figure 54-2 Draft Revisions screen

Description of Figure 54-2 follows
Description of ''Figure 54-2 Draft Revisions screen''

  1. Locate the appropriate draft.

  2. Change any of the following fields:

    • Pay Status

    • Customer Bank Account

    • Payor

    • Net Due Date

    • Payment Instrument

Field Explanation
Payor The text that names or describes an address. This 40-character alphabetic field appears on a number of forms and reports. You can enter dashes, commas, and other special characters, but the system cannot search on them when you use this field to search for a name.

54.2.1 Processing Options

See Section 108.5, "Draft Revisions (P03150)" for more information.

54.2.2 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Data security You should consider implementing action code security for this form to ensure that important fields are not changed, for example, Due Date and Pay Status.