K Import Mass Data into Payroll (Release A9.3 Update)

This appendix contains these topics:

Several interactive programs can run in batch mode and accept data from a Z file, allowing you to process mass amounts of data from an outside source easily and efficiently using existing programs to validate the data.

You can process any number of records and depending on the program, you can add, change, or delete records. You also have the advantage of:

  • Data selection to limit the records you want to process.

  • Processing options that allow you to choose the version of the interactive program to process the records.

  • Error report printing.

The DREAM Writer program number corresponds to the screen and program number with a Z appended to the end. For example, P060101Z corresponds to the Basic Employee ---- Initial Entry program P060101. The Z file number corresponds to the program number with a Z appended to the end. There are one or two Z files per program. The following table includes the Payroll Z file processing programs.

Program Program Name Z File Program Z File
P060101 Basic Employee ---- Initial Entry P060101Z F060101Z
P06OTO1 One-Time Override P06OTO1Z F06OTO1HZ (header)

F06OTO1DZ (detail)

P08201 Review and Rank Employees P08201Z F08201HZ (header)

F08201DZ (detail)

P069951 Transaction History Revisions P069951Z F069951Z


From Payroll Master (G07), enter 27

From Payroll Advanced/Technical Operations (G073), choose Z File Processing

From Payroll Z File Processes (G0731Z), choose an option

K.1 Technical Considerations

Be aware of the following technical considerations for the Payroll Z file programs.

K.1.1 Employee Entry (P060101Z)

You must ensure constants information is set correctly prior to running P060101Z. Choose Constants Information from the Constants & History/Turnover Setup menu (G08H4) and ensure the following fields as set to N:

  • Employee History (Y/N)

  • Position Control (Y/N)

  • Employee Turnover (Y/N)

  • Track by Effective Date (Y/N)

Choose C/C and Calc Tool Constants from the Constants & History/Turnover Setup menu (G08H4) and ensure the Contract Calendar Display (0/1) field is set to 0.

All new employees that you want to add using this Z File process must exist in the Address Book. You can add the employees manually or use Address Book Revisions - Z File program (P01051Z) on Address Book Z FIle Processes (G0101Z) to do so.

When you change employee data using Z File processing, the following fields must be blank in the Z File:

  • ZZ#IFN


  • ZZ#LNM

K.1.2 Review and Rank Employees (P08201Z)

This program allows you to make adjustments to employee salaries and hourly rates in a test environment where the actual payroll and human resources data is not at risk.

You cannot use Global Change (F6) with this program.

You can only change records with this program.

K.1.3 One Time Overrides (P06OTO1Z)

You must enter the date format in the Date Worked (DWK) field as MMDDYY with no slashes (/).

K.2 Processing Options

See the appropriate set of Z file processing options in Chapter 66, "Z File Processing Options (Release A9.3 Update)."

K.3 Data Selection

Do not change the existing data selection. The Processed Y/N field is equal to *BLANKS. This prevents the program from processing records more than once.

You can add additional selections to limit the data.

K.4 Data Sequence

Do not change the data sequence.