1 Overview to Business Intelligence Publisher for JD Edwards World

This chapter contains these topics:

1.1 Objectives

  • To create a report with a simple SQL statement to obtain sample data

  • To use the sample data to create an XML file and upload it to Microsoft Word

  • To utilize the Microsoft Word Plug-in to choose fields from the XML file to create a template

  • To upload the template to Business Intelligence Publisher Enterprise (BI Publisher)

  • To execute the SQL statement and produce a report that uses the template

1.2 About BI Publisher

Oracle BI Publisher is an enterprise reporting solution that allows you to author, format, manage, and deliver all types of documents, eliminating the need for costly print solutions. You can easily design the layout of a report using familiar desktop tools, which dramatically reduces the time and costs to develop and maintain reports.

BI Publisher integrates with JD Edwards World to enhance reporting capabilities. You can leverage BI Publisher to suit your business needs for ad hoc reports that can include special formatting and images. BI Publisher allows you various delivery options, including email, fax, and HTML.

See Also:

  • JD Edwards World Business Intelligence Publisher for JD Edwards World Guide that Oracle includes when you download BI Publisher Oracle's E-Delivery Web site.

BI Publisher includes the following tasks:

  • Set Up BI Publisher

  • Create a Report