D.5. tarantella array clean

Deletes array information and returns an SGD server to a preconfigured array state. By default, a confirmation prompt is displayed.


This command only affects the SGD server where the command is run.


tarantella array clean [ --standalone | --contactmembers ]
                       [ --quiet ]


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Deletes all array information and returns the SGD server to standalone state. In standalone state, the server is not a member of an array. This is the default option.


After you run this command on the primary server in an SGD array, the secondary servers will not be able to contact the primary server.


The SGD server remains in an array with any servers that are contactable and that report the same array membership. Non-contactable servers, or servers that disagree on the current array membership, are not included in the array.


Does not display a confirmation prompt before cleaning.


After running this command, it is advisable to run the tarantella status command on the SGD server to check the status of the server.


The following example removes array configuration and returns the SGD server where the command is run to a standalone state. A confirmation prompt is not shown.

$ tarantella array clean --quiet