D.37. tarantella object new_container

Creates one or more Active Directory container objects. See Section C.1.7, “Directory (Light): Active Directory Container Object”.


tarantella object new_container { --name obj } | --file file


To batch-create multiple objects, use the --file option. Use the other options to create a single object.


The following example creates a new Active Directory container object with name Users, within the example.com domain components.

$ tarantella object new_container \
--name "dc=com/dc=example/cn=Users"

The following example creates two Active Directory container objects using a batch script defined as a “here-document”. You can alternatively store the batch script in a file, and reference it using --file filename.

$ tarantella object new_container --file - <<EOF
--name "dc=com/dc=example/cn=Users"
--name "dc=com/dc=example/cn=Applications"