D.67. tarantella print stop

Stops SGD printing services. Print jobs are not accepted and do not spool.

If --server is not used, this command stops printing services across the array.

You can run this command on any SGD server in the array.


Stopping printing services on individual SGD servers in the array can cause problems for users. Whenever you stop printing services, do so for the whole array.


tarantella print stop  [ --server serv... ][ --purge ]


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Removes all pending print jobs. If you omit this, print jobs that are currently spooled are printed.


Stops printing services on each SGD server listed. Use the peer DNS name for each server.


The following example stops printing services across the array, removing all pending print jobs.

$ tarantella print stop --purge

The following example stops printing services on the SGD server detroit.

$ tarantella print stop --server "detroit.example.com"