B.4. gateway config create

Creates a new configuration for the SGD Gateway, overwriting the current configuration.


gateway config create { [ --interface interface:port ]
                        [ --entry-point ip-address:port ]
                        [ --out plaintext | ssl ]
                       } | --file file


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Interface and port that the SGD Gateway listens on for incoming proxy connections. The default is TTCP port 443, on all interfaces.


Entry point for the network. This is the Internet Protocol (IP) address, and port that clients use to connect to the SGD Gateway. You can specify a Domain Name System (DNS) address instead of an IP address.


Format of outgoing traffic from the SGD Gateway to the SGD servers in the array. If you are using secure connections, choose ssl.


Specifies a file containing configuration settings.


If no options are specified for the gateway config create command, a series of online prompts are displayed, enabling you to type in the required settings.

If you use the --file option for gateway config create, the specified file must be of the same format as the /opt/SUNWsgdg/etc/gatewayconfig.xml file. This file is created during initial configuration of the SGD Gateway, as described in Section, “How to Configure the Ports and Connections for the SGD Gateway”.


The following example configures an SGD Gateway to listen on TCP port 443 for connections from the network entry point, at Secure connections are used between the SGD Gateway and the SGD servers in the array.

# /opt/SUNWsgdg/bin/gateway config create --interface *:443 \
--entry-point --out ssl