B.12. gateway server add

Authorizes an SGD server to use the SGD Gateway.


gateway server add --server server-name 
                   --certfile cert-file 
                   --url server-url 
                 [ --ssl-certfile ssl-cert ]


The following table shows the available options for this command.




DNS name of the SGD server


Certificate Authority (CA) certificate for the SGD server


URL for the SGD web server


SSL certificate for the SGD server

The gateway server add command does the following:


After using gateway server add, you must restart the SGD Gateway for any changes to take effect.


The following example adds the CA certificate PeerCAcert.pem to the SGD Gateway keystore, using the alias sgd.example.com. The SSL certificate cert.pem is also added to the keystore, using the alias sgd.example.com-ssl.

# /opt/SUNWsgdg/bin/gateway server add --server sgd.example.com \
--certfile PeerCAcert.pem \
--url https://sgd.example.com \
--ssl-certfile cert.pem

In this example, the URL for the SGD web server, https://sgd.example.com, is added to the reverse proxy load balancing group and a configuration file is created at /opt/SUNWsgdg/httpd/apache-version/conf/extra/gateway/servers/conf/sgd.example.com.conf.