3.9. Next Steps

This section describes what you need to tell SGD users and how to view online documentation.

3.9.1. What You Need to Tell Users

The following information is essential to help people use SGD:

  • How to log in to SGD.

    Users need to know the login URL. Use https://server.example.com/sgd, where server.example.com is the name of an SGD server.

    Users need to know what user name and password to type to log in to SGD.

    SGD supports several mechanisms for authenticating users. The user names and passwords depend on the enabled authentication mechanisms. By default, users can log in with their UNIX or Linux system user name and password.

    If your organization prefers not to use Java technology, users need to be shown how to download and install the SGD Client manually.

  • How to run applications.

    Users need to know how to start and stop applications.

    The applications users can access through SGD might run on many different application servers. When a user clicks a link to start an application, SGD might prompt them for a user name and password for the application server. Users need to know what user names and passwords to use.

  • Where to get help.

    All users have a link to the SGD documentation on their webtop. Click Help.

3.9.2. Where to Get More Help

On the webtop, click Help to view to the online documentation for configuring and running SGD. The online documentation is also available when using the Administration Console.

Documentation in HTML and PDF formats can be accessed from the following locations:

You can also discuss technical issues at the SGD forum at http://forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=914.