1.3. Installing the SGD Enhancement Module for Microsoft Windows

The SGD Enhancement Module for Microsoft Windows contains modules for advanced load balancing and seamless windows. When you install the Enhancement Module, you can choose which of these modules to install.

By default, the Enhancement Module is installed in the C:\Program Files\Oracle\Secure Global Desktop Enhancement Module directory, but the installation program asks you for the installation directory.

After installation, the load balancing service is running. The load balancing service is listed as Secure Global Desktop Load Balancing Service in the Windows Services tool.

The load balancing service starts automatically whenever the Windows host is rebooted.

1.3.1. How to Install the SGD Enhancement Module for Microsoft Windows

  1. Log in to the Windows host as a user with administrator privileges.

  2. Save the Enhancement Module installation program to a temporary directory on the host.

    If you are installing from the installation media, the installation program is in the modules directory.

    Alternatively, download the installation program from an SGD web server from https://server.example.com, where server.example.com is the name of an SGD server. When the SGD web server Welcome Page displays, click Install an Oracle Secure Global Desktop Enhancement Module.

    The SGD Enhancement Module installation program is temwin32.msi.

  3. Install the SGD Enhancement Module.

    Double-click temwin32.msi and follow the instructions on the screen.