2.5. Removed Features

The following features have been removed in the 4.70 release:

2.5.1. Changes in the Next Release of SGD

The following SGD features might not be available in the next release of SGD:

  • Supported client platforms and browsers: Ubuntu Linux10.04 and Mac OS X 10.6 may not be supported as client platforms. Support for Mac OS X 10.8 will be added in the next release.

    For browsers, Internet Explorer 7 may not be supported.

  • LDAP directory servers: Sun Directory Server may not be supported.

  • SGD load-balancing JSP (swcd.jsp): The SGD Gateway provides a much better solution for load-balanced deployments.

  • Optional use of browser cookies when accessing SGD.

  • SecurID authentication: Use the RSA Authentication Agent with third-party authentication instead.

  • Integrated mode for the SGD Client.

  • The tarantella cache command.