3.3. Documentation Issues in Release 4.70

This section lists the known documentation issues for the 4.70 release.

3.3.1. Legacy VDI Broker Documentation Issue

The Legacy VDI Broker is a virtual services broker that enables SGD to request a desktop from a local Oracle VDI 3.2 installation.

Because the SGD 4.70 release does not support Oracle VDI version 3.2, the description and configuration procedures for the Legacy VDI broker that are included in the published documentation are not applicable for this release of SGD.

3.3.2. Secure Mode Installation and Firewall Forwarding

The published documentation does not clearly state that in a secure mode installation, firewall forwarding is disabled for the SGD server.

The note in Installing the Main SGD Component in the Oracle Secure Global Desktop Installation Guide for Release 4.7 should read as follows:

"When you install in secure mode, the installation program uses the tarantella security enable command to configure and enable secure connections automatically. Firewall forwarding is disabled, so the SGD server can be used with the SGD Gateway.

See the Oracle Secure Global Desktop Administration Guide for Release 4.7 for more information about using this command to install an SSL certificate and enable secure connections, or to enable firewall forwarding for an SGD server."

3.3.3. Incorrect Windows Registry Key Path for Enhancement Module

In the Windows Applications Do Not Close Down topic in the Oracle Secure Global Desktop Administration Guide for Release 4.7, the stated path for the Windows registry key is incorrect.

The correct path is as follows:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Oracle\Enhancement Module for Windows

On 64-bit Windows platforms, the path is as follows:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Oracle\Enhancement Module for Windows