5.7. SGD Commands

SGD includes a built-in command set for controlling and configuring SGD.

The following table describes some security-related commands for SGD.

Table 5.3. Security-Related Commands for SGD


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tarantella. Administrators can control SGD from the command line using the /opt/tarantella/bin/tarantella command.

tarantella passcache. Manipulates the application server password cache. SGD Administrators can create, modify, delete, and examine entries.

tarantella query. Examines the SGD server’s log files.

tarantella restart. Stops and then restarts services on the SGD server, prompting if users are currently connected.

tarantella security. Controls SGD security services and manages server certificates.

tarantella start. Starts SGD services on the host.

tarantella status. Reports SGD server information.

tarantella stop. Stops SGD services on the SGD host, prompting if users are currently connected.

tarantella webserver. Configures trusted users for the third-party authentication mechanism.

tarantella webtopsession. Enables SGD Administrators to list and end user sessions.