3.2. Firewalls and Ports

Firewalls can be used to protect various parts of a network and must be configured to allow the connections required by SGD.

The following table describes the firewall configurations you need to consider when deploying SGD. The table provides links to information about the ports you might need to open to allow connections when using SGD.

Table 3.2. Firewall Configurations for SGD


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Firewalls between client devices and SGD servers. Client devices must be able to make HTTPS connections and AIP connections to any SGD server in the array.

Firewalls between SGD servers in an array. The SGD servers in an array must be able to connect to any other member of the array.

Firewalls between SGD servers and application servers. An SGD server must be able to connect to an application server in order to run applications.

Other firewalls. SGD needs to make connections to any authentication services and directory services you might be using.

3.2.1. Using a Port Scanner

When you deploy an SGD server in a production environment, it is a good idea to use a port scanner such as nmap, to ensure there are no unnecessary services or ports in use on the SGD host.