3.3. Secure Connections to SGD Servers

You secure connections to an SGD server by installing an SSL certificate on the SGD server and enabling SGD security services. This is done automatically when you install SGD.

The following table describes some features of secure connections for SGD.

Table 3.3. Secure Connections to SGD Servers


More Information

SSL certificates. When secure connections are enabled, an SGD server requires an SSL certificate.

Firewall traversal. AIP connections to an SGD server are made on TCP ports 3144 and 5307. If it is not possible to open the required ports in your firewalls, you can direct all SGD traffic through a single port, usually port 443.

Enabling secure connections (automatic configuration). The tarantella security enable command enables you to quickly configure and enable secure connections.

Enabling secure connections (manual configuration). In some cases you need to secure connections using manual configuration.

Security warnings. When using secure connections to SGD, users see certificate security warnings.