3.6. Tuning Secure Connections

The following table describes the tuning that can be applied to secure connections to SGD servers.

Table 3.4. Tuning Secure Connections


More Information

SSL Daemon. The SSL Daemon is the SGD component that handles secure connections to SGD servers.

SSL accelerators. Performance can be improved by off-loading the processor-intensive transactions required for SSL connections to an external SSL accelerator.

Cipher suites. You can select the ciphers that are used for secure connections to SGD servers.

Connection definitions. Connection definitions can be used to control whether a secure or a standard connection is used when connecting to an SGD server.

3.6.1. Configuring Ciphers

SGD servers and the SGD Gateway are configured by default to use strong ciphers for secure communication.

You may want to disable the use of unneeded or weak ciphers as follows: