Synchronous and Asynchronous Web Services

Synchronous and Asynchronous Web Services

Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway supports both synchronous and asynchronous service processing and execution for SOAP-based services.

Interfaces exposed as REST services can be generated with the support for synchronous interaction pattern only. Asynchronous pattern for REST services is not supported in this release.

SOAP services, depending on specified interaction patterns, can be generated synchronously, asynchronously, or both synchronously and asynchronously to meet your business needs. REST services can be generated with synchronous operation only.

Once a SOAP service has been generated and deployed to an Oracle SOA Suite WebLogic managed server, service consumers or Web service clients can send request messages through Oracle SOA Suite. After security checks on the inbound requests, Oracle E-Business Suite Web services can be invoked synchronously or asynchronously.

For information on how to specify interaction patterns for a given interface, see Generating SOAP Web Services.