Desktop Security

About Desktop Security

Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture

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This section contains security recommendations for the desktop used to run web browsers that connect Oracle E-Business Suite.


Configuring the Browser

See My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 389422.1, Recommended Browsers for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, for information about securing the desktop.

Updating the Browser

Updating Java

Turning Off Autocomplete

For kiosk machines, change the browser's autocomplete settings. Although convenient for frequently accessed pages, for privacy and security reasons this feature should be disabled.

Also consider disabling the "remember password" function, or use a primary password for the saved password store.

Setting Policy for Unattended PC Sessions

People may attempt to access an unattended workstation while another user is still logged into the system. The users should never leave their workstation unattended while logged into the system because it makes the system accessible to others who may walk up to the computer. Organizations should set a corporate policy for handling unattended PC sessions. Users are recommended to use the password-locked screen savers feature on all PCs.