Auditing and Logging Features in Oracle E-Business Suite

Overview of Features

Oracle E-Business Suite, the Oracle E-Business Suite technology stack, and optional Oracle Technology integrations provide various auditing and logging capabilities. Deciding which one to use and how to use it will depend on what you're trying to achieve.

The auditing and logging features described in this chapter can assist with analyzing the following:

Recent and Current Activity

"Recent and Current Activity" encompasses information about what is happening in the system currently, or what the last activity was performed on particular record or done by a particular session. This includes the following Oracle E-Business Suite Applications features:

Historical Activity

Historical Activity features capture similar information to the information described in the previous section, but retain historical data about what has been changed. This is sometimes switched off by default in the Oracle E-Business Suite environment and can be switched on for targeted areas of Oracle E-Business Suite. Auditing mechanisms that fall into this category include the following features:

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Stack

Unexpected Events

Certain areas of Oracle E-Business Suite in the underlying technology stack report on unexpected errors. These unexpected events can include security related events.

Oracle E-Business Suite Applications

Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Stack

Oracle E-Business Suite Auditing Scripts

Throughout this document, we will be referring to SQL scripts that can be used as follows:

Note: Many of the scripts that are provided serve as examples only. The intent is that administrators and auditors can leverage and customize these scripts to meet their specific needs. Scripts mentioned here, as well as other security related scripts, can be found as an attachment to My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 2069190.1, Security Configuration and Auditing Scripts for Oracle E-Business Suite.