Introduction to Oracle Notes

This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of Oracle Notes

The Notes module provides a quick and easy way to enter in any information for an Oracle Applications business object. It is useful for attaching information such as directions, special instructions, or reminders. One or more people with access to the business object may enter in a note; therefore, it is collaborative in nature. It is historical and archivable, and may be further linked to Oracle Attachments. The Notes module can be accessed through Oracle Applications Framework, Forms, and HTML versions. The Notes module in Oracle Applications Framework is not fully compatible with HTML Notes user interface.


A customer support agent enters a note for a service request. The note states that the customer is in a business meeting from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and is unavailable to assist the technician with the problem. The support agent also attaches a copy of the log file provided by the customer.

You may add an attachment to a note, such as a spreadsheet, picture, presentation, or a hyperlink to a web site.

Note Text Storage Methods

For the Forms-based and HTML Notes, you can create a note with the following two separate formats:

For the Oracle Applications Framework based Notes, you can enter unlimited free form text and all note text can be stored or retrieved from the following locations depending on the note function:

What is a Note Type?

Note types help categorize notes. Users can define additional note types and associate those types to specific source objects, which makes the note types visible only to that source. Only note types that are mapped to a source object appear in the note window. Note types that are not mapped to any source object are considered general note types and are shown for all source objects.

Oracle Notes Key Features

The Notes module in Oracle Applications Framework provides a new look and feel with the following features:

Note: Notes created for Common Application Calendar can only be accessed through the integrated applications, such as Oracle Service Online, Oracle Sales Online, or contextual task screens developed for Common Application Calendar, and are not available in standalone format. Users who can access the integrated applications can access the contextual notes for which they have permissions.

The following are key features of the Notes module in Forms and HTML:

Oracle Notes Integrations

The Notes module is widely used by the following modules across Oracle E-Business Suite: