Oracle Content Manager Implementation and Administration Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Content Manager

Overview of Oracle Content Manager
Key Features of Oracle Content Manager

Dependencies and Integration Points

Verifying CRM Applications
Create an FND User
Assigning AOL Responsibilities to the User
Setting Profile Options at User, Application, Responsibility, and Site Levels
Creating a Workflow With Notifications

Implementation Tasks for Oracle Content Manager

Implementation Tasks
      Setting Profile Options
      Setting Up Users
      Launching the OCM Administrator User Interface
      Setting Environments for Translations
      Assigning Folder Permissions
      Setting Session Timeouts
      Setting Up Intermedia Index Searches
Verifying Implementation
Diagnosing the Errors Using PL/SQL Logging
      Setting Up PL/SQL Level Logging

Administering Oracle Content Manager

Understanding Content Types
Creating and Managing Content Types
Setting Up Custom Attribute LOVs
Mapping Stylesheets to a Content Type
Creating and Managing Content Type Groups
Mapping File Extensions to Content Types
Data Security Overview
      Access Control
      Inheriting or Overriding Parent Access Control
      Guidelines for Assigning Permissions to Users
      Setting Permissions and Exclusions for a Folder
      Understanding Access Control with a Scenario
      Understanding Categories
      Category Access Control
      Creating a Category and Setting Access Control

Oracle Content Manager Profile Options and Lookups

Finding Responsibility ID Values
Oracle CRM Technology Foundation (JTT) Profile Options
Oracle Content Manager Profile Options
Oracle Content Manager Lookups

Seeded Information

Seeded Content Types
Oracle Content Manager Customer UI Responsibilities
Seeded Responsibilities
List of Concurrent Programs
Online Help Targets
Generic Online Help Page

Content Item XML Formats

XML Format Overview
Regular Expressions
An XML Example for Content Item