Oracle Sales User Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Sales

Oracle Sales Overview
Key Oracle Sales Features
Interface Access and Navigation
Sales User Searches
Sales Manager Searches
Views as Saved Searches
Sales Dashboard
Leads Management
Opportunities Management
Customer Management
Contact Management
Calendar and Task Management
Notes Management
Forecasting in Oracle Sales
Sales Campaigns in Oracle Sales
Sales Methodologies in Oracle Sales
Oracle Sales Integrations
Competitor Tracking in Oracle Sales
Personalization in Oracle Sales
Setting User Preferences for Specific Fields
Information Access
Ensuring Data Quality
Working with Multi-Organization Access
Product Dependencies

Oracle Sales Example Flows

Examples of Task Flows in Oracle Sales
Create and Rank a Lead
Convert a Lead to an Opportunity
Update an Opportunity
Create a Quote from an Opportunity
Create a Sales Forecast
Perform a Campaign Activity
Create a Customer - Duplicate Warning

Oracle Sales Quick Reference

Using Oracle Sales
Sales Dashboard
      Viewing, Creating, and Updating a Lead
      Creating an Opportunity from a Lead
      Viewing Lead History
Sales Methodologies
      Using a Sales Methodology
      Viewing, Creating, and Updating an Opportunity
      Creating a Quote from an Opportunity
      Closing an Opportunity
      Viewing Opportunity History
      Viewing, Creating, and Updating a Customer (Organization)
      Viewing, Creating and Updating Customers (Persons)
      Viewing, Creating, and Updating a Contact
Sales Campaigns
      Creating a Sales Campaign Activity
      Viewing Sales Campaign Details
      Creating and Updating a Forecast
      Forecasting as a Sales Manager
      Forecasting as a Sales Administrator of the Sales Group
      Creating and Updating Tasks
      Creating and Updating Appointments
Sales Commission Statements
Earnings Statement
Attainment Summary
Year to Date Summary