Accessing Proposals

This chapter covers the following topics:

Accessing Proposals from the Proposals Page

You can access proposals from the Proposals page.

Note: If a proposal component has been changed, you are notified of this change when you access a proposal that uses the updated component.

Proposals page

Use the Proposals page to view a list of your proposals or initiate proposal creation from the sales application. Proposals are displayed across languages.

Click Create to create a new proposal. Click Export to export the list of proposals to a file with a .csv extension which you can download and open in a spreadsheet application.

Click the proposal name to update the proposal. Click the customer name to access customer details.

Proposal Views

The Proposal Views display a list of proposals by view. You can view the proposals for your sales team. Managers can view the proposals of subordinates by searching for those proposals. You can review and update a specific group of proposals. Like the Proposals page, proposals across all languages are listed. If a proposal is in a different language than the session language setting, you can only view the proposal.

If you want to see a summary of a particular proposal, click the radio button in the Select column next to the proposal name. This refreshes the page with the selected proposal’s summary details. You can update these summary details, or if you require more detailed information on the proposal, click the proposal name to display the Update Proposal page.

Click Simple Search to access the simple search page. From the Simple Search page, you can also click Advanced Search to perform an advanced search.

If you want to see a different view, select the view name from the View menu and click Go.

Click Personalize to access the Personalize Views page to duplicate, create, update, or delete a view, as well as change your default view. Oracle Proposals provides a view called My Proposals.

Accessing Proposals from Other Applications

You can view proposals from the following related associated objects:

Oracle Proposals validates if you attempt to modify a proposal. If you are on the proposals sales team, you can access the proposal.