Creating and Deleting Proposals

This chapter covers the following topics:

Overview of Creating Proposals

You create proposals to position a product or service as a possible solution to a customer's business needs. Oracle Proposals enables you to create proposals using templates, which feature existing content, standardized document formats, and access to information stored in the database during the sales cycle.

You can create a proposal:

If a proposal is created from a quote, opportunity, customer, or lead, customer and sales team information is carried over from the object to the proposal. If the proposal is created standalone from the Oracle Proposals page or Views page, you must provide this information.

Creating Proposals

Creating Proposals in Oracle Proposals

Use the Create Proposal page to create proposals. In Oracle Proposals, this page enables you to create a standalone proposal. You can also access this page from other applications to create a proposal in the context of objects in those applications.


  1. Click Create Proposal.

  2. Enter a proposal name.

  3. Search for and select a customer. You can also select a contact.

    You can search for customers you can access, and can search for customers as organizations. You can search for customers as persons if this capability is provided through personalization.

  4. Select a proposal template. You can filter groups of templates by category if your organization has many proposal templates. Click Show to examine the proposal components.

  5. Click Apply.

From the Update Proposal page, you can maintain and generate your proposal.

Creating a Proposal from a Quote

All Oracle Quoting users can create proposals from a quote unless security is enabled. In that case, only those users with update access to the quote can create a proposal from that particular quote. Refer to the Oracle Quoting User Guide and the Oracle Quoting Implementation Guide for details.

You are not allowed to create proposals from the following types of quotes:

In addition, you cannot add the following types of quotes to a proposal, nor can you create a proposal from one:


Creating a Proposal from an Opportunity

If you are working on an Opportunity from Oracle Telesales or Oracle Sales, you will see a Proposal link in the Opportunity Detail page which displays all related proposals for an opportunity. You can view/or edit a proposal from the list page.


Telesales Agent responsibility for Oracle Telesales; Sales User responsibility in Oracle Sales.


Oracle Telesales, or Oracle Sales > Opportunity > Opportunity Details page > Proposals > Create Proposal button


Creating a Proposal from a Customer

If you are working in Oracle Telesales within the context of a customer you will see a Proposal link from where you can view or edit a proposal from the list page. You can also create a new proposal for the customer. In Oracle Sales, you can create a proposal from the Update Customer page by selecting Create Proposal from the Action menu. You can also view proposals by selecting Proposals Received from the View drop down menu in the Business Activities section.

When you create a proposal, the customer name is populated in the Create Proposal page. You can change the proposal contact on the Create Proposal page.


Creating a Proposal from a Lead

If you have logged into Oracle Sales through Self-Service mode you will see a Create Proposal button on the Update Lead page. You can create proposals from standalone leads or from leads generated from a sales campaign. If the associated sales campaign has proposal templates associated with it, the proposal created from the lead will be generated based on the associated proposal template.

Create a proposal from a lead by selecting the Create Proposal button in the Proposals subtab section of the Update Lead page. The Create Proposal page displays with the Customer field auto populated.

Notice the lead name in the Proposal header section.


Deleting Proposals

You can delete proposals provided the following: