Oracle Proposals Implementation Guide


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E-Business Suite Applications
Oracle Proposals Overview
      Oracle Proposals Features

Before You Begin

Installation Verification
Integration Points
      Third Party Integrations
Oracle Proposals Conditional Dependencies
Technology Stack

Implementation Tasks for Oracle Proposals

Oracle Proposals Implementation Overview
Implementation Task Sequence
User Types Overview
      Oracle Proposals Administrators
      Oracle Proposals Users
User Type Setup
      Creating a Resource
      Creating an FND User and Assigning Responsibilities, Menus and Functions
E-mail Setup
Administration Tasks
Verify the Implementation

Oracle Proposals Integrations

Integration with Oracle Content Manager
      Setting the PRP: Use Oracle Content Manager Profile
      Setting the IBC: Use Access Control Profile
      Setting Folder Permissions
      Setting Library Permissions
      Consuming Oracle Content Manager Content Items in Oracle Proposals
      Setting the IBC: Default Home Folder Profile
Integration with Oracle Quoting: Quote
      Setting up Proposal Creation from Quotes
Integration with Oracle Marketing: Campaign Activity
Integration with Oracle Telesales: Opportunity or Customer
Integration with Oracle Sales: Opportunity or Lead
Integration with Oracle Trading Community Architecture
      Setting up Data Quality Management (DQM) Customer and Contact Search
Third Party Integration

Oracle Proposals Profile Options

Before You Begin
Setting Profile Options
Oracle Proposals Profile Options
Oracle Content Manager Profile Options
Oracle Trading Community Architecture Profile Options

Permissions for Oracle Content Manager

Seeded Folders
Create Folder
Add File from Desktop flow
Uploading an Associated Version Flow
Browse and Search Folders and Library Categories

Seeded Views

Proposals Seeded Views