Oracle iStore Quick Reference Guide


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Introduction to Oracle iStore

Key Features and Benefits
Site Administration Application
Catalog Management
Content Management
Automated User Communications
Background Data Management
User Management, Self-Service Registration, and Customer Information
Globalization and Localization Support
Interactive Selling and Ordering Options
Oracle Order Capture
Order Management and Fulfillment
Marketing and Customer Tracking
Business Objects, Components, and Processes
Mandatory Integrations with Other Oracle Applications
Optional Integrations with Other Oracle Applications

Site Administration Application

Site Management
Main Features of Sites
Oracle iStore Administrator
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Display Template Mappings Import/Export
Customer Application Display
Display Templates
Section and Product Template Gallery
Bin Display
Images, Messages, and HTML Content
Content Management
Content Repository
Content Components and Media Objects
Optional Integration with Oracle Content Manager
Catalog Management
Section Hierarchy
Product Catalog
E-Mail Notifications
Background Data Management

Customer Application

Specialty Sites
Specialty Sites Overview
Catalog Pages Overview
Shopping Carts
Shopping Cart Key Features and Benefits
Active, Saved, and Shared Shopping Carts
Published and Shared Quotes
Shopping Lists
Order Placement and Tracking
Checkout and Order Placement
Express Checkout
Order Tracking, Cancellation, and Returns
Users and Registration
User Types and Access
User Registration
B2B User and Role Management
Storage of User and Company Information
Opting In or Out