Business Events and Flexfields

This chapter covers the following topics:


You can use business events and flexfields to integrate or extend the Oracle Channel Rebate and Point of Sales Management functionality..

Creating Subscriptions Business Events

All the events will publish XML data specific for the event in the form of a CLOB (character large object). A CLOB is used to store unicode character-based data, such as large documents in any character set.

Subscribe to the business events with a phase greater than 99 to read the data so that any subscription to the event will be executed in a deferred mode and does not interfere with the online processing.

Business Events for Trade Planning
Business Event Name Display Name Description
oracle.apps.ozf.offer.OfferApproval Offer Approval Event This event is raised whenever an offer is approved.
oracle.apps.ozf.quota.QuotaApproval Quota Approval Event This event is raised whenever a quota is approved. Target Approval Event This event is raised whenever a customer target is changed.

Use the following high level procedure to create subscriptions for business events.

Log into Self Service Applications as System Administrator and select the Workflow Administrator Web Applications responsibility.

Navigation: Administer Workflow > Business Events.

  1. Search for the Business Event.

  2. Click the Subscription icon for the Event.

  3. Click Create Subscription.

  4. Enter all of the required information.

Make sure that the Phase = << any value greater than 99 >>.

For more information, see the Oracle Workflow API Reference, Business Events section.

Defining Segment Values for Flexfields

Additional information can be captured at offer header level by enabling the descriptive flexfield "Additional Info for List Headers" available in Oracle Pricing. Use the following high level procedure to define segment values for flexfields.

Log on to Forms Application as System Administrator.

Navigation: Application > Flexfield > Descriptive > Segment.

  1. Query for:

    • Application = Oracle Pricing

    • Title = Additional Info for List Headers

  2. Add new contexts and define segment values.

  3. Select the Freeze Flexfield Definition check box.

  4. Save your work.

For more information, see the Oracle E-Business Suite Flexfields Guide.