Seeded User Statuses

This chapter covers the following topics:


User statuses can be created across the application for a combination of activity and status. The application is seeded with the following user statuses. These user statuses can be modified or extended to meet your organization's business rules.

Seeded User Statuses for Channel Rebate

The seeded user status values are as follows:

Seeded User Statuses
User Status For SYSTEM_STATUS User Status Name
Budget Sourcing Status ACTIVE Active
Budget Sourcing Status APPROVED Approved
Budget Sourcing Status CLOSED Accounting Closed
Budget Sourcing Status PLANNING Planning
Budget Sourcing Status PENDING Pending Approval
Budget Sourcing Status PENDING VALIDATION Pending Validation
Budget Sourcing Status REJECTED Rejected by Approver
Budget Status ACTIVE Active
Budget Status ARCHIVED Archived
Budget Status CANCELLED Cancelled
Budget Status CLOSED Closed
Budget Status DRAFT Draft
Budget Status ON_HOLD On Hold
Budget Status PENDING APPROVAL Pending Approval
Budget Status REJECTED Rejected
Offer Status ACTIVE Active
Offer Status ARCHIVED Archived
Offer Status CANCELLED Cancelled
Offer Status CLOSED Closed
Offer Status COMPLETED Completed
Offer Status DRAFT Draft
Offer Status ONHOLD On-Hold
Offer Status PENDING BUDGET APPROVAL Submitted - Budget Approval
Offer Status PENDING_ACTIVE Pending Active
Offer Status PENDING VALIDATION Pending Validation
Offer Status PLANNING Planned
Offer Status REJECTED Rejected - Budget Approval
Offer Status REJECTED - THEME APPROVAL Rejected - Theme Approval
Offer Status SUBMITTED - THEME APPROVAL Submitted - Theme Approval
Offer Status SUBMITTED - THEME APPROVAL Offer - Theme Approval Submitted
Offer Status TERMINATED Terminated
Price List Statuses ACTIVE Active
Price List Statuses CANCELLED Cancelled
Price List Statuses DRAFT Draft
Price List Statuses SUBMITTED FOR APPROVAL Submitted For Approval
Price List Statuses REJECTED Rejected

User Status Limitations

If you add a large number of user statuses, the number of values seen in the drop-down list for an Object's Status increases by the same number.