Using Supplier Ship and Debit

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The Supplier Ship and Debit Process

Supplier Ship and Debit is the process by which a distributor ships goods at a lower price to the customer and either debits the supplier for the difference in the acquisition and selling price or absorbs this. The customer can request this new price or the distributor can decide on this price to make a bulk sale, retain a customer, or interest a new customer. In order to debit the supplier for the difference, the distributor raises a supplier ship and debit request for the new price and sends it for supplier approval.

If the supplier approves, an accrual offer is created and sales made against the offer. After accruals are calculated, the distributor creates a supplier ship and debit batch, obtains supplier approval on the claim amount, and debits the supplier for this amount. If the supplier declines the distributor's request, the distributor raises an internal ship and debit request. The accrual or claim amount from sales against offers for internal ship and debit requests are accounted for on the distributor's side.

The key steps in the supplier ship and debit process are described below.

The process described above is illustrated in the following diagram.

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Integration Points

The Supplier Ship and Debit process has within it several points of integration internally with other products of Channel Revenue Management and externally with other products of Oracle E-Business Suite.

Internal Integration

The diagram below illustrates the products of the Oracle Channel Revenue Management product family with which Supplier Ship and Debit integrates.

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These points of integration are described below.

External Integration

Oracle Supplier Ship and Debit integrates with the following Oracle applications in the E-Business Suite.

The diagram below illustrates these external integration points.

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