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Oracle Discrete Manufacturing helps firms manage their production operations to achieve fulfillment excellence. Factories in all industries and of all sizes can benefit from improved information management during the entire production cycle, from research to design, to work in process through to cost and quality management. Flexible production can be achieved with mixed mode manufacturing, build-to-order (Engineer to Order (ETO) or Cost to Order (CTO)) and project-based and other complex manufacturing models.

The Oracle Functional Testing Suite Advanced Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite, referred to as advanced pack in this guide, provides components for testing features of different products delivered as part of the Oracle E‐Business Suite Release 12.2. The components delivered in the advanced pack for the following Oracle Discrete Manufacturing products are documented cumulatively in this guide:

These flows are available over the Oracle Flow Builder Starter Pack in Release of the Oracle Application Testing Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite.

For information about the components delivered in the Oracle Flow Builder Starter Pack, see the Oracle Functional Testing Flow Builder Starter Pack Reference Guide for E-Business Suite Release 12.2.

Oracle Discrete Manufacturing Attributes

This section provides information on the common prerequisites, profile options, and data setups required for executing the flows in Oracle Discrete Manufacturing products. Flow specific requirements are documented along with the flow in subsequent chapters.



Profile Options

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Predefined Data

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Setup Data

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