Oracle Functional Testing Suite Advanced Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite – Service Reference Guide


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Oracle Service Attributes

Oracle Advanced Scheduler Flows

Oracle Advanced Scheduler Overview
Oracle Advanced Scheduler Attributes
Reschedule Child Task
Scheduling Task with Third Party Resource

Oracle Field Service Flows

Field Service Dispatch Center Flows
      Field Service Dispatch Center Overview
      Field Service Dispatch Center Attributes
      Scheduling a Task with Access Hours
      Update Task with Customer Confirmation
      Scheduling Task with Skills
      Optimizing Technician Trips
Field Service Portal Flows
      Field Service Portal Overview
      Field Service Portal Attributes
      Restrict Service Request Creation to the Sites Where the Technician is Scheduled to Work
      Mandatory Resolution Code
      Creation of Mandatory Debrief Labor Lines
      Creation and Posting of Debrief Return Lines
      Follow-up Task Scheduling Using the Window To Promise (WTP) Option
      Create Personal Task in Technician Portal
      Receive Parts from Purchase Orders
      Receive Parts from Internal Sales Orders
Field Service Wireless Flows
      Field Service Wireless Overview
      Field Service Wireless Attributes
      Creating Internal Order Manually
      Creation and Posting of Debrief Install Lines
      Create Personal Task in Wireless

Oracle Service Contracts Flows

Oracle Service Contracts Overview
Oracle Service Contracts Attributes
Creating a Service Contract With Different Variation in Service Billing Options
Creating a Service Contract with Mass Change Request to Bill To, Ship To, and Party of the Contract
Create a Contract With Different Line Types And Different Partial Period Options to Generate the Invoice
Create a Service Contract With Different Accounting Rules, Lines With Usage of Partial Period Revenue Recognition Method
Create a Service Contract and Bill it With Tax Code Classification to Verifying It Form Account Receivables
Perform Copy Operation on Different Service Contracts
Create a Extended Warrant or Warrant Service Contract From Order Management With Territory Sales Representative
Create a Service Contract With Install Base Usability and Different Actions on the Instances and Verify in HTML Page
Perform Counter Lock on the Usage Lines of Service Contract
Update the Coverage Duration Using Coverage Re-Architecture
Perform Advance Search on Various Service Contracts
Perform HTML Search on Various Service Contracts
Perform Entitlement Search on Various Service Contracts

Oracle Spares Management Flows

Oracle Spares Management Overview
Oracle Spares Management Attributes
Adding Manned Warehouse to Planner's Desktop and Creating an Internal Order
Search and Update Delivery Time
Run All Concurrent Programs for Spares
Process a Spares Move Order Without Auto Receipt

Oracle TeleService Flows

Oracle TeleService Overview
Oracle TeleService Attributes
Automatic Task Generation
Defaulting of Bill To and Ship To Addresses Based on Customer or Item Instance
Defaulting the Planned End Date for a Task
Duplicate Check for Service Requests
Integration with Service Contracts
Mass Service Request Update
Customer Management
Integration of Oracle TeleService with Oracle iSupport
Integration with Knowledge Management

Components in Oracle Service

Components in Oracle Service