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Netra Blade X3-2B (formerly Sun Netra X6270 M3 Server Module)

Security Guide

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Product Overview

Basic Security Principles

Planning a Secure Environment

Hardware Physical Security

Software Security

Oracle ILOM Firmware

Operating System Security Guidelines

Oracle System Assistant Security Information

Maintaining a Secure Environment

Oracle ILOM Security

Hardware Power Control

Asset Tracking

Maintaining Updates for Software and Firmware

Local and Remote Access

Data Security

Oracle ILOM Firmware

You can actively secure, manage, and monitor system components through Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (Oracle ILOM). Oracle ILOM management firmware is preinstalled on the SP on the Sun Netra X6270 M3 server module.

To understand more about using this firmware when setting up passwords, managing users, and applying security-related features, including Secure Shell (SSH), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and RADIUS authentication, refer to Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (Oracle ILOM) documentation: