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Installing Oracle Solaris 11.1 Systems     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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Part I Oracle Solaris 11.1 Installation Options

1.  Overview of Installation Options

Part II Installing Using Installation Media

2.  Preparing for the Installation

3.  Using Live Media

4.  Using the Text Installer

5.  Automated Installations That Boot From Media

6.  Unconfiguring or Reconfiguring an Oracle Solaris instance

Part III Installing Using an Install Server

7.  Automated Installation of Multiple Clients

8.  Setting Up an Install Server

9.  Customizing Installations

10.  Provisioning the Client System

11.  Configuring the Client System

12.  Installing and Configuring Zones

13.  Running a Custom Script During First Boot

14.  Installing Client Systems

15.  Troubleshooting Automated Installations

Part IV Performing Related Tasks

A.  Working With Oracle Configuration Manager

Introduction to Oracle Configuration Manager

About the Oracle Configuration Manager Central Collector

Administering Oracle Configuration Manager (Tasks)

How to Enable the Oracle Configuration Manager Service

How to Disable the Oracle Configuration Manager Service

How to Manually Register Your System With the Oracle Repository

How to Change the Time or Frequency of Data Collection for Oracle Configuration Manager

B.  Using the Device Driver Utility


About the Oracle Configuration Manager Central Collector

The Oracle Configuration Manager collector installed as part of the Oracle Solaris operating system is configured and designated as a central collector. To reap the benefits of an Oracle Configuration Manager collector, such as a personalized support experience, quicker resolution of support issues, and proactive problem avoidance, the configuration data for each Oracle installation must be collected and uploaded. This is normally the task of the collector installed in the Oracle home. However, sometimes the collector in Oracle homes might not have been configured or is left disconnected. The purpose of the central collector is to collect those Oracle homes and upload them under its own My Oracle Support (MOS) credentials. Here are the characteristics of a central collector: