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Installing Oracle Solaris 11.1 Systems     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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Part I Oracle Solaris 11.1 Installation Options

1.  Overview of Installation Options

Part II Installing Using Installation Media

2.  Preparing for the Installation

3.  Using Live Media

4.  Using the Text Installer

5.  Automated Installations That Boot From Media

6.  Unconfiguring or Reconfiguring an Oracle Solaris instance

Part III Installing Using an Install Server

7.  Automated Installation of Multiple Clients

What Is an Automated Installation?

How to Use the Automated Installer

Automated Installer Use Cases

Minimum Requirements for AI Use

Customizing Installation Instructions

Providing System Configuration Instructions

Providing a Local IPS Package Repository

Providing a Custom First-Boot Script

Providing Additional AI Install Services

8.  Setting Up an Install Server

9.  Customizing Installations

10.  Provisioning the Client System

11.  Configuring the Client System

12.  Installing and Configuring Zones

13.  Running a Custom Script During First Boot

14.  Installing Client Systems

15.  Troubleshooting Automated Installations

Part IV Performing Related Tasks

A.  Working With Oracle Configuration Manager

B.  Using the Device Driver Utility


What Is an Automated Installation?

AI automates the installation of the Oracle Solaris 11 OS on SPARC and x86 clients over the network. The clients can be customized with installation parameters such as disk layout and software selection and with system configuration parameters such as host name, network configuration, and user accounts. Customizations can be made on a client-by-client basis and can be scaled for large environments.

An automated installation of a client over the network consists of the following high-level steps:

  1. The client system boots over the network and gets its network configuration and the location of the install server from the DHCP server. SPARC clients can optionally get network configuration and location of the install server from the network-boot-arguments variable set in the Open Boot PROM (OBP).

  2. The install server provides a boot image to the client.

  3. Characteristics of the client determine which installation instructions and which system configuration instructions are used to install the client.

  4. The Oracle Solaris 11 OS is installed on the client, pulling packages from the package repository specified by the installation instructions in the AI install service.