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Installing Oracle Solaris 11.1 Systems     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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Part I Oracle Solaris 11.1 Installation Options

1.  Overview of Installation Options

Part II Installing Using Installation Media

2.  Preparing for the Installation

3.  Using Live Media

4.  Using the Text Installer

5.  Automated Installations That Boot From Media

6.  Unconfiguring or Reconfiguring an Oracle Solaris instance

Part III Installing Using an Install Server

7.  Automated Installation of Multiple Clients

8.  Setting Up an Install Server

9.  Customizing Installations

10.  Provisioning the Client System

11.  Configuring the Client System

12.  Installing and Configuring Zones

How AI Installs Non-Global Zones

Specifying Non-Global Zones in the Global Zone AI Manifest

Non-Global Zone Configuration and Installation Data

Non-Global Zone AI Manifest

Non-Global Zone Configuration Profiles

13.  Running a Custom Script During First Boot

14.  Installing Client Systems

15.  Troubleshooting Automated Installations

Part IV Performing Related Tasks

A.  Working With Oracle Configuration Manager

B.  Using the Device Driver Utility


How AI Installs Non-Global Zones

Non-global zones are installed and configured on the first reboot after the global zone is installed.

  1. When a system is installed using AI, non-global zones can be installed on that system by using the configuration element in the AI manifest. See Specifying Non-Global Zones in the Global Zone AI Manifest for information about the configuration element.

  2. When the system first boots after the global zone installation, the zone's self-assembly SMF service (svc:/system/zones-install:default) configures and installs each non-global zone defined in the global zone AI manifest. See Non-Global Zone Configuration and Installation Data for information about the data used to install the non-global zones.

  3. If the zone is configured with autoboot=true, the system/zones-install service boots the zone after the zone is installed.

    Labeled zones can be created and installed using the system/zones-install service. Labeled zones are autobooted only if the zone is configured with autoboot=true and the global zone is also labeled. After AI has installed the global zone and the system/zones-install service has created and installed the labeled non-global zones, you can make the necessary changes to make the global zone labeled. On reboot of the system, the svc:/system/zones:default service boots any labeled zones that have set autoboot=true.

The system/zones-install service remains online but will not process new configuration information until restarted. You should not disable or enable the system/zones-install service. You should only restart this service.

To monitor non-global zone installation, monitor the system/zones-install service or the output of zoneadm list -cv.

Zones are not installed if any of the following errors occurs: